Bring Your Success into Focus with Freedmont

Supporting the entrepreneurial spirit. We appreciate the hard work that you’ve put into building a successful business in your community. When we look for partners to join in our ongoing expansion, we look for that rugged spirit as represented by experience, production history, and the goals you have set for yourself and your team.



We recruit and support successful Branch Managers and intelligent, talented and creative Loan Officers to become part of Freedmont Mortgage Group. As a well-capitalized lender whose sole focus is on residential mortgage origination, you’ll have the products, technology, marketing and support needed to build your business one loan at a time, unimpeded by administrative and procedural distractions.

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Marketing and Automation

Cultivating customer relationships to reap referrals, while at the same time planting the seeds of new business requires commitment and focus. When you become a Freedmont Mortgage Group team member, all of the distractions that take away from building your success, disappear. You’ll have the technical infrastructure, superior products, effective marketing, and support to realize the full potential of your branch.

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No Capacity Issues

Why not ally your business with a partner who can provide the support and service that will make you a leader in your market? As your business grows, we have the scale to meet demand so you never have to put off closing because of capacity issues. From pricing to funding, you’ll have the solid professional support you can count on, so you and your team can focus on delivering more loans, increasing revenue and higher profits.

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Technology Simplified

Instead of spending valuable time on administrative tasks, you can focus on business development and increase revenue. With Freedmont, you can count on quick response and the best support in the industry. Our streamlined processes, and superior technology, our pricing engine, will enable you to give customers the kind of attention that results in satisfaction and referrals.

Top 7 Reasons to Join Freedmont Mortgage Group


We share your values and have what it takes to help you reach your goals.


As an Freedmont Mortgage Group team member, you’ll have all the advantages of a multi-state lender while still maintaining your local entrepreneurial feel – Branch managers manage their own P&L. Become our partner and together we’ll focus on growing your business.