The Refinancing Process

Step 1: Figure out your goals

Is your goal to reduce your monthly payment? Take cash out of the equity for home improvements? Debt consolidation? Are you looking go to a fixed rate? Once you determine your goals it will allow us to help you achieve them.

Step 2:  Call one of our Loan Officers or apply online

Your Loan Officer can answer any questions you have about loan programs and can make a recommendation for you given your goals. We will make sure that you understand every detail of your loan before moving forward.

Step 3: Select your loan program

When you decide you would like to move forward with the refinance, your Loan Officer will confirm your loan program, rate, and payment and will answer any additional questions.

Step 4: Submit your documents

Your Loan Officer will provide you a list of items needed so that we can verify your information to get your loan approved and closed quickly. We will also send you the preliminary loan disclosures to review and sign. Within a few days you will be contacted by an appraiser to schedule the inspection.

Step 5: Processing

After we receive all your documents, your Processor will contact you to go over the next steps. Once we have everything we need, your loan file will be submitted to the underwriter for review and formal approval.

Step 6: Close your loan

Upon final approval we will contact you to schedule closing (aka settlement). This appointment will generally take 30 minutes to an hour and can be done at the convenience of your home or at an approved settlement location.