Freedmont Sub-Branding Guidelines

Freedmont sub brands allow customers to create a deeper connection with specific audiences, appealing to a particular section of the Loan Officers’ market. And good sub brands are explicitly connected to the parent brand. These guidlines provide a way to target your specified audience while maintaining strong bonds with Freedmont’s existing customer base at the same time.

Approved Sub Brand Approache

This approved sub brand establishes a positive representation of our existing organization while simultaneously giving the sub brand the boost it needs. After all, it’s much easier to build on an existing entity than to start the brand-building process from scratch. All sub brands must reflect unifying factors within the Freedmont parent brand — color, mark and typography.


  • “The Home Team” uses approved parent fonts and colors (see below)
  • “The Home Team” is of equal height to the words “Mortgage Group”
  • Rules above and below the sub brand name equals parent logo width
  • Team name is centered between rules and not to exceed of the width of the parent logo
  • The rules and sub brand team name can be placed below the parent logo

Sub Brand Do’s

Our logo is an integral part of the Freedmont brand and should be used consistently. Sub brand should be represented in all capital letters using the same blue as the lower left “window pane” of the parent logo (Process Blue C, HEX E7EC2, CMYK 82-44-0-0, RGB 30-126-194)

Approved Fonts

Approved Color

537 C
647 C
Process Blue C
116 C
100, 79, 44, 41
99, 72, 26, 9
82, 44, 0, 0
0, 20, 100, 0
5, 48, 77
0, 81, 128
30, 126, 194
255, 203, 5

Sub Brand Don’ts

Don’t introduce additional or alternate marks

Don’t stray from color guidelines

Don’t use unapproved fonts

Don’t change proportions

Don’t reorder the subrand and parent logo

Don’t modify the approved guidelines